Patient Testimonials

Our Melrose, MA patients speak out on their chiropractic success with Dr. Darragh and Bay State Centre Family Chiropractic!


I met Dr. Scott Darragh at his First Children's Health Expo in 2007. I have met and spoke with other chiropractors before, until then none could give me the answers I was looking for or present me a complete picture of what chiropractic care is and what it does. I was really skeptic at first as how chiropractic could help where regular medicine, with all the modern drugs and surgery, couldn't. I believe in science, I'm a scientist myself.

I suffered from chronic lower back pain for almost 20 years, one of the options I was given was exploratory back surgery, all others were pain and inflammatory medicine or just "it’s the wear and tear of aging", there's nothing else you can do." All this has changed after I started getting adjusted, I don't wake up in pain anymore.

Dr. Scott explained to me how chiropractic care can improve your health, help your body function at its optimum and heal from the inside out, without the need of drugs. In some cases, drugs are needed, in some they do much more damage than they help, unfortunately.

I understand now first hand that chiropractic care is so much more than just back pain management-it improves the function of the immune system. We don't get sick that much anymore. My 10 year old hasn't missed a day in school in the past 2 years and while most friends around us have severe flu symptoms, we have very mild ones if any at all. We are healthier than ever.

The great passion, dedication and professionalism Dr. Darragh shows for chiropractic made all the difference for me. This is why he is our family DC. Thank you Dr. Scott for what you do and how you do it!

Aura, Melrose, Massachusetts

I began my journey with Dr. Scott seven years ago. How I got there was a trip. I had seen three doctors, all saying something different. Beside myself with pain he started treating me. Soon was able to stand and walk without much effort. Dr. Scott has seen me through falls, sore driving and trying snow storms. He has come into the office on weekends and to visit me in the hospital. I wouldn’t be moving or walking without him. A caring loving giving man. Finding him was a blessing in my life.


Jean L, Melrose, Massachusetts

I first heard Dr. Scott speak at a workshop for my daycare association specifically regarding pediatric chiropractic care and addressing the benefits of chiropractic care in general. Although impressed with his depth of knowledge and passion for the subject, as

I would like to begin by saying that I absolutely love mypediatrician. He was my doctor growing up, and he took care of me from the time that I was born until I turned 18. I have never questioned any diagnosis he has given. I have never second guessed any medication that he has prescribed, until recently.

When my son Jared turned 3 he started preschool. During this time, he developed a constant hacking cough that became worse at night. No antibiotic could cure it and no cough syrup could suppress it. We eventually learned to live with it.

During the next year Jared caught pneumonia three times and mono, which he had for two months, and still he was always coughing. That year we missed many birthday parties, holiday celebrations and Halloween night. Not only was Jared sick most of the time, but when he wasn't sick his cough was loud and persistent. We stopped going out altogether.

We decided to contact an environment hygienist to evaluate the air in our home. She found nothing unusual. We bought many humidifiers and a hepa filter. We even purchased a costly and extremely durable vacuum. Nothing stopped the cough. Finally, we had Jared tested for different allergies. He was eventually diagnosed with asthma induced allergies, with a primary allergy to trees. Our pediatrician recommended the nebulizer four times a day, everyday, and Jared was prescribed an Albuteral inhaler until further notice, maybe forever. Not long after that Jared had a violent asthma attack that landed us in the ER, on dose after dose of Albuteral. I know that many parents have gone through worse trials than watching their child on a nebulizer. But to see this little boy on the nebulizer four times a day broke our hearts. The medication had terrible side effects. Jared became extremely jumpy and he would shake so much that he stopped trying to draw and write his name. This is when my husband and I decided to look for alternatives to our Doctor's course of action.

I had been a patient of Dr. Scott Darragh for sometime. I went to him for various back issues, just the everyday strains of being a Mom. One morning I walked in for my appointment and Dr. Scott had put up a huge sign. The sign read, "IS YOUR KID ALWAYS SICK?" I stopped in my tracks and thought YES!

I was reluctant to have Jared adjusted. But Dr. Scott gave us a plethora of information pertaining to asthma and the spinal cord. He took x-rays of Jared and they clearly showed that the nerves leading to Jared's lungs were crunched together and twisted.

My husband and I were excited about what we were learning. We made an appointment with our pediatrician. We explained to him all the wonderful information and literature we had read and that Jared's x-rays confirmed that he needed some spinal adjustments. We were so happy to have finally found some alternative help! Our pediatrician however, was not. He advised us not to have Jared adjusted.

We are so glad that we made our own choice to have Jared adjusted. After just two weeks of adjustments, Jared stopped coughing. Jared did not miss one day of kindergarten that year. Jared is going to be 8 years old in March, he plays soccer, basketball, baseball & hockey. He never has to stop to use an inhaler. He hasn't had as much as a cold since 2005.

This is why just saying thank you to Dr. Scott could never be enough. He not only provided Jared with a better quality of life. But also our whole family. Thank you Dr. Scott!

Very sincerely,

Christa C. and Family, Stoneham, Massachusetts

Response to WBZ-TV re: Chiropractic Treatment

I felt the need to write after watching what I felt was a very one-sided, fear-inducing and unfair “expose” on chiropractic treatment. I thought Mr. Wade’s piece was blatantly sensationalized, and did very little (besides a last minute remark at the end) to explain the actual research and statistics related to chiropractic’s benefits and low risk of side effects. At no time were any medical facts reported about the stroke victim’s prior history, nor the risk she carried of having a stroke in the checkout line, at the ATM, or anywhere else she may have gone that day. At no time were valid, research-based statistics shared about the minuscule amount of malpractice insurance carried by chiropractors versus medical doctors, which illustrate the safety of such practices. Nor were clear distinctions made between “spinal manipulations” (which are performed by many in the medical field, often without any specific training) and chiropractic adjustments (which are specifically determined through additional training).

I was out of work on a medical leave for nearly 9 months due to back and neck injuries received as a Special Needs teacher for behavioral students. I had many visits over FIVE YEARS to my doctor who did “spinal manipulations” to try to alleviate my pain; he never did x-rays and he never fixed the constant pain I was in. When I had to return to work, I was experiencing daily migraines and vomiting at work nearly every day. Dr. Darragh, a respected chiropractor, did these necessary x-rays, identified the source of my pain, explained the situation in detail along with what treatment he would use, and I have had a total of one migraine since I started seeing him six months ago. The improvement is dramatic and the relief is long-lasting. I would not be able to work full-time without his interventions.

While I am sorry that the woman you highlighted had a stroke, the likelihood that it occurred BECAUSE of a chiropractor is slim and your story did little to highlight this point or express the facts that refute her claims.

I thought this was a biased, sensationalized story with very little fact to back it up. In a world where medical costs are constantly rising, doctor’s hands are tied from recommending appropriate treatments due to HMO regulations, and malpractice suits are out of control, it was a shame that you didn’t share the tremendous benefits of a very holistic, safe, and effective treatment to help people maintain a life of wellness and balance. I am truly disappointed.

Kristen B, Billerica, Massachusetts

I was not yet exhibiting any physical discomfort that we usually associate with chiropractic care I didn't see the value of incorporating this treatment into my own life. Three years ago following a boating incident I found myself experiencing chronic pain in my hip, considered my medical options and chose to seek care from Dr. Darragh hoping to avoid invasive treatment. I was very happy with the results following three months of intensive care and have since continued with a wellness program that has enhanced my health, including alleviating my chronic asthma and improving my immune system.

I would highly recommend Dr. Scott's service to anyone looking to enhance their general health, not necessarily to only treat an injury.


MJ B, Malden, Massachusetts

I was involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident in June of 2006. I was taken from the scene by ambulance to the local Hospital's Emergency Room.

After being examined by the ER Doctors I was told that I was "fine" at which time I was released and sent home. My back continued to ache for the next five months. Finally a friend referred me to Dr. Scott Darragh. I was seen by Dr. Darragh in November of 2006, the results have been remarkable. After just one month I experienced substantial results and was able to resume my pain free normal lifestyle.

Another benefit to my Chiropractic care I was not expecting is I have resumed playing golf, something I was not able to do for the last ten years due to chronic aches and pains associated with my job. I'm now playing the game I love without discomfort or pain.

In my opinion if not for Dr. Darragh I don't believe I would have been able to function like this ever again.

Carmine C, Malden, Massachusetts

I have been receiving Chiropractic Care from Dr. Darragh for several years and I wanted to share with you my experiences since I began my care.

I came to you on the recommendation of my daughters who have been patients of your practice. I had been experiencing chronic pain due to a compressed sciatic nerve. My daughters thought you could help, and you did!

Since you first began adjusting my back, I have noticed a marked improvement, not only with my sciatic, but also with a strengthening of my immune system and an overall feeling of improved health.

The only problem I experience is when I am on vacation for two months each year and do not receive your care. I definitely notice soreness during the time that I do not have when I come for my regular adjustments.

I am an enthusiastic proponent of chiropractic and, in particular, of your care.

Yours truly,

John O, Peabody, Massachusetts

A sincere “thank you” to all of you for the wonderful care from your office! From the spine adjustments + chiropractic lessons, to the multiple calls to my auto insurance company, to the juggling of appointment times, it was all done with smiles + professionalism, and in a non-hurried way (even when you were hurried!). My back pain is consistently improved, and I hardly ever use Motrin anymore! Dr. Scott’s commitment to, and enthusiasm for the science of the chiropractic field is truly impressive! Thank you so much! All the best,

Ann H, Malden, Massachusetts